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Hypnotic Adventures

Welcome to Hypno Erotica, a place where anything is possible and fantasy adventures of every description are waiting only for your attention.

This site is for entertainment purposes only. To enter you must be at least 18 years of age or older. By entering you release the owners & creators of any and all liablity which might arise.

You can start slowly with Samantha Sez and her Trance Training files, or dive in deep with I Dream of Jeannie and select a wish you want to experience being granted. 

The choice is yours.

When you are ready to step out of your every day routine, when you want to experience adventure without the risk, find a quiet place and a relaxing space and put on your headphones. Hypno Erotica will do the rest.

There are plenty of choices already with more added every week. Read each session description carefully to prepare your mind for the hypnotic adventures you select.

Once you have sampled the delights already available, perhaps you will indulge yourself with a custom recording to allow you to explore your deepest, most private, fantasies and desires.

Inside your mind, in the privacy of your own thoughts, no one knows what you do, and how much you enjoy it. With hypnotic adventures you can let yourself go and experience anything or everything.

The recordings available on this site are for entertainment purposes only.


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